Cycle Accident – Get a crime reference number

On June 2nd 2021, Arthur Leigh- Wood was cycling along the London Road into Bath along a stretch of road he has used daily as a route to school in the last 7 years. 
Arthur has always been very aware of car drivers turning into the busy junction at Morrision’s supermarket and how as a cyclist you have to be very conscious of your movement and the cars alongside you.  
Arthur was aware of the driver ahead (who Arthur was approaching), they were not indicating and they were positioned in the middle of the road.  So when the driver made a left turn directly into Arthur and his bicycle it was a big surprise.  Arthur was thrown off his bike and broke his wrist, it was clear that the driver did not check their mirrors. The driver did stop but attempted to make Arthur pay for the damage to his car, the front bumper had been taken off!
Only one other passerby, named Lucy, a local hairdresser, stopped. There is a CCTV camera overlooking the junction however it was pointing in the wrong direction to capture the incident. 
What Arthur has had to learn over the following weeks is that cyclists need insurance, this can be done via your home insurance or through using a national body like British Cycling. 
So often what often happens when a cyclist is hit or injured on their bike is that they do not notify the Police.  It really is important when it comes to delivering cycle infrastructure that cycle accidents of any size are recorded with the Police.  Local councils and Councillors often go to this accident data set to make decisions.  If you are on your bike and anything happens to you, tell the Police and get a crime reference number. 

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