Active Travel and Accessibility Forum (ATAF)

Please see a recent email sent to Cllr Warren , Deputy Leader, Climate Emergency and Sustainable Travel, B&NES Council

Dear Cllr Warren
As has been suggested by Cllr Guy, all concerns and queries on important matters should be sent directly to Cabinet Members.
This week the Active Travel and Accessibility Forum was cancelled.  This forum was set up by previous administrations to bring on board community based organisations and flag up concerns and good ideas which the Council could take forward.
The last time this ATAF met was in March 2021 with myself as Chair.  It is an agreement of this forum that it meets quarterly.  As B&NES Council under the Liberal Democrat leadership is so keen to put through transport changes that lead to the necessary decarbonisation to for fill our Climate Emergency objectives it would seem important that all communities are listened to constructively.  Indeed you have stopped the Bus Gate on North Road and are now implementing a Citizen’s Jury so that this already consulted plan can be looked at once again.  It would be useful therefore to know how else you are best engaging with the community if the very forum which already exists is failing to meet?
Please can you let me and many others in the community know when this Forum will next meet and insure it’s quarterly timetable in the B&NES calendar?
Best wishes Cllr Wright

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