Carbon Tax supported by local MP

In November 2021, Green Party councillor Joanna Wright tabled a ‘Carbon Tax Motion’ at the Bath & NE Somerset full meeting. The Liberal Democrats refused to support this motion and instead put forward a carbon pricing amendment which failed to address the inequality issues faced by so many. Cllr Joanna Wright was therefore delighted to see that the Liberal Democrat MP for Bath, Wera Hobhouse, has recently been quoted as supporting a windfall tax on energy companies, very much in line with her Carbon Tax motion brought to the council.Cllr Joanna Wright said “A carbon tax with dividend is supported by leading economists around the world as the simplest way to support the poorest who are being hardest hit by the richest people and corporations. This tax will help to improve housing and buildings, health and transport. Wera Hobhouse is clearly asking for this tax to help people insulate their homes, in line with my Carbon Tax motion. It is great to hear that our local MP has brought her fellow Lib Dems round to supporting this vision.”

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