In Response to Cllr Sarah Warren’s claim to want to support safe cycling routes to school.

Great to hear that Cllr Warren wants to make cycling to school safe for everyone at the recent Scrutiny panel. Right now Cllr Sarah Warren has that option: to deliver North Road. Repeatedly this has been stopped by Cllr Warren. This action now means that children particularly on the east of Bath have poor access to schools. At a time when energy prices have gone through the roof this scheme could be delivered creating a safe route for many. Officers at B&NES already have pointed out the difficulty of delivering an LTN 1/20 compliant route on Widcombe Hill. Even VOI scooters will not let this hill be used for safety fears. If Cllr Warren really believed in children’s safety and safe routes, North Road would be delivered. Children are not legally allowed to ride ebikes. Deeds not Words. Lives not Votes #sarahwarren #joannawright #northroad #saferoutestoschool #transport #cycling #ltn1/20 #children #childfriendlycities #ebikes #kidicalmass #greenparty #ifyouwantgreenvotegreen

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