All B&NES Councillors support Ukraine Refugees

The Roman Baths, in Bath lit up in yellow and blue in solidarity with Ukraine

At Full Council on the 24th March 2022, the Council brought a non political motion to support Ukraine refugees. Cllr Robin Moss (Labour) put forward the motion, seconded by Cllr Dine Romero (Liberal Democrat). The motion was unanimously passed.

Cllr Joanna Wright said: “The BathNes Green Party recognise that the vast majority of the public want to allow Ukrainian refugees to come to Britain without having a visa as they flee for their lives. Many vulnerable people, including babies, children and the sick have been caught up in a war that has not been of their making and need safe passage. The UK should do all it can to help all refugees. Our hearts go out to the many caught up in this humanitarian disaster unfolding across our continent.”

The Green Party calls for very strong sanctions on Russia that target the Russian leadership and elite, including stopping the import of gas, oil and minerals from Russia as soon as possible – whilst minimising the harm caused to ordinary Russians. An end to influence of Russian money in our democracy. And on going support for Ukrainian refugees – the UK must establish safe routes for them to come to the UK.

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