Reducing Emissions from Aviation

Please see the letter sent to Wera Hobhouse MP for Bath on request from myself and it would seem many constituents in Bath regarding reducing emissions from aviation.

Trudy Harrison MP and Minister writes that the government has set a target that by 2035 the UK will reduce carbon emissions by 77% compared to 1990 levels.

The Minister maps out the published Jet Zero Consultation. For full details see This focus on the aviation sector has the goal to reach jet zero without government intervention on aviation growth.

The Minister says that the Government will be introducing two new Air Passenger Duty bands for domestic and ultra-long-haul flights, which are set to take effect from April 2023.

The Minister’s response is more than disappointing and fails to understand the urgency of the situation that we are facing. The Government at COP26 claimed that the UK were world leaders on decarbonisation.

Many in the Green Party have been calling for bolder action on aviation and the many hidden subsides this sector is offered. The Aviation industry is an important element of the system change needed to stop climate breakdown.

At a local level we are still threatened with the expansion of Bristol Airport, which the Green Party has been working hard to stop. Bridget Petty, Executive member for the Climate Emergency and Green Party councillor in North Somerset has been leading on the campaign to stop the expansion stating

The decision to allow Bristol airport to expand against the express opposition from the local community flies in the face of democracy as well as commitments to climate change.”

Not only does Bristol airpot expansion encourage thousands more air journeys, that are unsustainable, but fails to address the many journeys that will be made to get passengers to the airport. Thereby increasing this districts carbon output for transport.

Cllr Martin Fodor and Cllr Bridget Petty

For full details of this please see

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