No NHS Dentists left in Bath

At B&NES May Cabinet I asked a question on Dentists in Bath

Question 4. On a recent search on the NHS Service: Find a Dentist it is apparent that there are no NHS dentists accessible in Bath for residents other than by a referral.  Even previous NHS dentists have ceased operating forcing residents to look for a private dentist or not have a dentist.. It is clear that many families relied on NHS dentists for healthy teeth and mouth care for all members of their families. It is apparent that many families will be unable to afford important dental care as the cost of private dentists is often out of reach for many families. As families will not be able to access an NHS dentist locally what will the Cabinet Member for Adults be doing to address this issue with regard to HCRG and the services the Council commissions through the NHS?

The Answer from Cllr Alison Born, Cabinet Member for Adults and Council House building was:

The problems that local residents are experiencing regarding access to NHS dental services was bought to our attention a few weeks ago. Dental access is not a council responsibility but we have raised it with colleagues in the CCG who confirm that dental services are commissioned by NHS England. NHS England is responsible for . There are inequalities in oral health and it is worrying that there is insufficient NHS dental provision locally and that NHS England do not have up to date data on many practices.  It is possible that the new integrated care system arrangements will include the provision of local dental services in the future but there is no timescale for that. In the meantime, people who are not registered with a dentist and who have  urgent dental needs should contact 111 online or by phone. have set up a petition. I can only urge everyone to sign this. The need for an over haul of dental care in all of our communities is much needed. The unfairness of being able or not being able to afford to see a dentist is not how the NHS was set up. The NHS was set up to provide universal and free benefits to all those in need.  Dentist are a very important part of that care.

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