Child Friendly Cities is the Aim of Kidical Mass

Kidical Mass has a vision. That vision is for children and young people to be able to safely and independently travel by bicycle wherever they live. Our motto is “Space for the next generation”. A child-friendly city is a city that’s good for people of all ages. Kidical Mass gives young people a voice and a presence in the public realm. Our cities and streets belong to them too!

14 and 15 May 2022 will see Kidical Mass rides happening all across Europe as families demand child-friendly cities and cycle-friendly cities. This weekend is the time, with over 200 Kidical Masses in 15 countries. 

Kidical Mass rides are designed to be inclusive for all ages and abilities. The rides are fun, safe environments for families and friends to cycle together. Kidical Mass rides highlight the need for safe, protected routes that enable children to walk, scoot, wheel and cycle in their neighbourhoods.

Kidical Mass rides give visibility to a better, healthier and lower carbon future for young and old alike. Changing how we travel will only happen if all generations feel safe on foot or by bike.

Across Europe there are over 200 grassroots groups who all see the need for changes in our cities to give children space to enjoy the freedom and safety they deserve.

You don’t have to have a kid to be involved, the rides are inclusive of everyone.

The original Kidical Mass ride was in 2008 in Eugene, Oregon, USA and has become a worldwide event to celebrate cycling and connect with other families.

BAth is holding a Kidical Mass on the 15th May 2022. this is the 8th Kidical Mass ride in Bath, since the first one in May 2021. Every ride, around 100 people take part, including many children

For full details of events throughout the UK go to:

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