Mayor Making at Bath Abbey

Every year the Charter Trustees of Bath select a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Bath. There is a yearly ceremony held at Bath Abbey for the change over of mayor roles. This year Cllr Rob Appleyard of Lambridge Ward was selected to be Mayor of Bath along with Cllr Michelle O’Doherty as Deputy Mayor. The outgoing roles held by Cllr June Player and Cllr Dr Yukteshwar Kumar were thanked appropriately. I was delighted to give the thank you speech for the outgoing Deputy Mayor Cllr Dr Yukteshwar Kumar which can be seen below.

“Mr Mayor, Honoured Guests”, 

It is with great pleasure to say thank you to Cllr Dr Yukteshwar Kumar the first person from an Asian heritage to be the Deputy Mayor of Bath. Dr Kumar and his family, Deputy Mayoress Mrs Tania Deb and their son Yuvraj Kumar have given much considered service and care in their work and duties over the past year.

Dr Kumar believes clearly in the positive effect of service within the local community and how this results in better outcomes and futures for everyone. And he values acts of kindness and dedication in which communities can be united. Dr Kumar has shown that not only does he believe in these values, but that he is prepared to act on them daily in many ways that will benefit the communities that he lives and works with. His dedication in the last year to be of service can be seen in the many events Dr Kumar has taken part in, from walking with the Mayors guides, attending the Remembrance Service events and welcoming international students at the Roman Baths.

But what I think Dr Kumar is probably most proud of and humbled by was his first engagement as Deputy Mayor,  when he was blessed to attend the opening of the Lord Jagannatha temple, the first temple of its kind in Europe. This important temple which celebrates loving service for all classes of people, is a place for many to worship in. It is also a place to support people in the community and give them a sanctuary, where they can be valued and feel less isolated. 

I am delighted to move that:​”That the very cordial thanks of The Charter Trustees of The City of Bath be given to ​Councillor Dr Yukteshwar Kumar, the retiring Deputy Mayor, for the ability, courtesy and efficiency with which he has discharged the duties of Deputy Mayor during the Mayoralty of Councillor June Player, and also to the retiring Deputy Mayoress (Mrs Taniya Deb), for the assistance she has rendered to the retiring Deputy Mayor on all occasions in connection with his civic duties.  And that a copy of the preceding Resolution be engrossed on paper vellum and sealed with the Common Seal and signed by the Mayor and Chairman of the Standing Committee,  for presentation to the retiring Deputy Mayor”.

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